Welcome to the home of HUCOJI

EN: [hoo-cho-jee] | NL: [hoe-tjo-djie] | IPA: [hut̠ʃo:d̠ʒi]
the essential language

Discover the beauty of simplicity, not as in "easy" but as in "uncomplicated". Words are constructed, not memorized. The word Hucoji translates as "the sound of the essence". No synonyms or homonyms. And no vocabulary needed!

Hucoji is not meant to be scientifically accurate, or even suitable for everyday use. It describes the world in its essence, to truly understand what we are saying and hearing. And for fun, if you like that kind of things.
huʒisi Hucoji enables you to express what you really want to say. Understand the true meaning of your words, the essence of your message. There are no synonyms, no homonyms, and your point is never to be misunderstood.